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Are you ready to feel better?

If you are reading this, you have a desire for change. You want to move out of pain and into peace.

Energy Healing can help if you:

·      feel stuck in certain patterns

·      have pain in your body

·      struggle in relationships

·      feel the need for healing

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Lighten The Load

15-minute Aura Cleanse – This mini session is a great way to get a taste of what I do. It will clear your energy field of unwanted heavy energy and give you a little shot of healing to leave you feeling light and joyful. Your Spirit Guides will give me the message you most need to hear right now. If you just need a little boost and alignment, this is the one for you.

$22 exchange

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Clear Your Energy

60-90 minute Intuitive Energetic Healing – This full healing session will assess your energy blocks, find the root of what’s causing them, and clear them so you can move forward with the life you want to live. If you feel stuck with the same unhealthy patterns, physical pain, or mental unwellness, Intuitive Energetic Healing can help to find what’s blocking your energy body and causing your physical body pain and turmoil. Your Spirit Team will provide you with specific action items and messages to move yourself forward on the path your soul was meant for. If you want to make changes in your life that will get you feeling peace and joy, this is for you.

Initial 90-min session $195 exchange

Follow up 60-min sessions $145 exchange

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Deep Healing

8-week Your Healing Journey program – This intensive weekly program is a deep dive into healing for those who feel overwhelmed with emotional, mental, and/or physical pain and need a gentle guide to walk with them through their work to feeling better. Through Intuitive Energetic Healing, your Spirit Team will lead you to a variety of tools to support your individual healing goals. We will work together to heal your layers of trauma, grief, and pain. We may explore healing through breathwork, past life exploration, journaling, meditation, EFT (tapping), Ho'Oponopono, and more.


If you are ready to take control of your life and do the work necessary to make the changes your soul is craving, this program is for you.

$1600 exchange (payment plan available)

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Group Experience

90 minute Group Intuitive Energetic Healing - 

Healing the Divine Feminine Series 


As women, we carry the trauma, through the DNA of our ancestors, from centuries of abuse, patriarchal rule, being held down and held back, and not having the freedom to control our own bodies and lives. 

The wounded feminine holds a lot of shame inside, not able to be fully at ease with all parts of herself. She finds it hard to trust, and struggles with her self-image and feelings of worthiness. As a result, she may try to win love by people pleasing.

The healed feminine is secure in her beauty, grace, nurturing, creativity, and warmth. She is connected to her emotions and feelings. She holds healthy boundaries and deeply nourishes herself. She knows her worth. She has power in being.

This monthly gathering will harness the power and intention of the group, helping to heal what you most need right now. It will clear heavy energy and blocks in your chakra system.

$35 exchange

Upcoming In-Person Events (Ada, MI):

February 21 at 7:00pm Healing Relationships

Upcoming Virtual Events (Eastern Time):

February 7 at 7:00pm ET Healing Relationships

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Client Testimonial

"Working with Lara was transformative. Her intuition is incredibly strong. With the help of her guides, my guides, and a host of spirit helpers, Lara was able to zero in on my pain points and help to dissolve them. I am impressed by her gift and grateful she shared it with me."

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Client Testimonial

"Lara is so talented and intuitive—just an amazing energy healer! I had an energetic healing session with her yesterday and she gave me so much insight into some pain I’ve been having (both emotional and physical), as well as some awesome healing!"


Refer a friend who books a session and receive a FREE Intuitive Oracle Card Reading!

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