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Re-imagine Girls' Night!

If you’re looking to add a special touch and deeper meaning to your next event, invite

SSS Sisterhood Circle to your next gathering. We nurture connection to Soul, Sisters, and Spirit.


In the past few years the world has transformed. Our daily lives, the way we work, and especially the way we socialize and connect with each other have shifted greatly. 

Celebrations and gatherings are changing as people seek to make up for lost time or feel an inclination in an uncertain world to anchor more deeply into existing support systems. This deepening happens naturally over time or with extreme pressure, but it also can be cultivated with intention. 

As intuitive energy healers and natural connectors, we create environments where this intentional connection can happen. 

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Invite us to your Girls’ Night, bachelorette parties, showers, book clubs, or mocktail hours and transform your social event into an opportunity to tap into sisterhood, soul, and Spirit.

We use thoughtfully created exercises, meditation, intuitive divination, and energy healing techniques to guide participants to drop through the surface and find the nurturing network beneath.

We carefully craft an environment of introspection and help cultivate connection between participants as well as fortify the bonds of each sister to her own soul and a higher spirit.


Using meditation, integrative exercises and our own intuitive gifts, these natural healings turn any occasion into one of magic and connection!

What Your Sisters Are Saying

Sisterhood Circle with Erin and Lara is truly a remarkable experience! They both have a gentleness about them that feels naturally welcoming and makes one open to be vulnerable.

Sisterhood Circle is an amazing experience where you can learn to listen more to your surroundings and open your eyes to the “coincidences” that happen everyday. It is also a unique way to bond with the women in your life.

Sisterhood Circle is a great way to connect with your friends. It's a safe space in which you will be guided in ways to connect, learn, and share energy.

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  • Parties must have 5 minimum and 10 maximum participants.

  • We come to the location of your choice and bring everything needed for an amazing time!

  • Cost is $25 pp. Hostess is free with 5 registered guests.

  • Sisterhood Circle runs 90 mins. We have the option to stay longer and provide 1:1 card readings and healing sessions at additional cost per interested person.

Interested In More?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking a Sisterhood Circle event, please let me know!

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