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Your Healing Journey
starts here...

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Are the stressors of life taking
over your health? 

Does it seem like your healthy
habits don’t last?

Your Healing Journey is for someone who feels stuck in physical and/or emotional pain.


You will gain new insight on the root of your issues and how to address healing them.


You will work through your issues with energetic healing, energy management, self-care protocols, journaling, meditation, breathwork, and more.

If you’re feeling pain, overwhelming emotion, fear, or lost on your path, this journey will help open the gates to be able address them. You deserve to do this work. You are worth feeling better and more in control of your life.



We will meet weekly for eight weeks on Zoom or in person.

Every other session will be an Intuitive Energetic Healing session, where I channel healing and messages from your Spirit Guides.

Alternating sessions will be guiding you through other healing modalities channeled by your Spirit Guides, and a chance to ask questions and seek clarification.

The program is tailored to each individual to address your specific healing needs.

Your Spirit Guides will give you action to take in between our sessions in order to propel you further and create a deeper impact.

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Lara’s intuitive gifts are worth investing into your life. She is able to tap into the deeper-rooted issues that may be physically manifesting in ways you have not yet connected for yourself. The time and energy you put into this program will be worth it!

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Before the program, I did not fully understand what it felt like to experience safety and security in my own body. Since the program, I have become aware of my internal peace and can now sense when I am beginning to experience emotional discomfort. When these moments arise, I now implement healthy alternatives that your program helped me to develop over the course of the 8 weeks.


The homework was super thought provoking and had me digging in to my emotions, but not to the point I felt too overwhelmed or that it sent me deeper into angst or my trauma. I’ve been mind blown by the healing sessions! Like COMPLETELY!

The Process

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As an empath, intuitive, and sensitive, I was born to nurture and care for others. My purpose in this life is to be a Healer.

I understand the importance of being supported when you are facing trauma and painful past events. It can feel scary. But, you do not have to do it alone. I will walk alongside you on your path...being the guide, support, and witness to Your Healing Journey.

When I channel, I am connecting directly to Universal Consciousness, your Spirit Guides, and the Divine to move your physical body toward the path your soul came here to take.

I am a conduit for Divine healing and I receive messages from your Guides on your next right step.

If you want to heal from the traumas of your body, past lives, soul, or ancestors, let me walk with you on Your Healing Journey.

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