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Energy Evaluation & Healing

Energy Evaluation & Healing

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Are you ready to feel better?


If you are reading this, you have a desire for change. You want to move out of pain and into peace.

Energy Healing can help if you:

·      feel stuck in certain patterns

·      have pain in your body

·      struggle in relationships

·      feel the need for healing


What to expect:

In an Intuitive Energetic Healing session, I call in the support of your personal Spiritual Team (Divine Source/God, your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Healers), I connect with your energy, then I channel all the healing energy your Spirit Team has for you into your body. This should help you feel some immediate relief. It sometimes feels like tingling, a rush of energy, overwhelming love, or being held. Afterward, most clients report feeling much lighter in their bodies, as we have cleared away a lot of heavy energy and removed energy blocks in the body.


In each session, the Spirit Team tells me what the underlying energetic reason is for your patterns, issues, pain, and/or ailments, and then what action you can take to heal it long-term. Spirit also guides your treatment plan recommendation for follow-up sessions. I get to the root and find solutions to heal those energetic wounds. It is up to you to follow their guidance to ultimately find the peace and happiness you seek.


Keep in mind that it likely took months or years to create the pain or pattern you’re in, so it will take time, ongoing treatment, and effort to heal it. Underlying issues are generally revealed in layers, so that you can work through things in a manageable way and move forward to a life of happiness and freedom, without overwhelm. Healing is a process, and I am honored to help you find what your body needs to relieve pain and find joy.


Your job during the session is to relax and be open to receiving.


Your healing begins with a 60-90 minute Energy Evaluation Session. During this time, Spirit and I will evaluate your energy to better understand the root cause of your issue and determine a treatment plan. Once this diagnostic is complete, I will provide an energetic healing treatment and we'll end your session with Q + A. We will discuss messages that came through for you and your Spirit Team’s recommended treatment plan to support you with your healing journey.


Follow up healing sessions are 45-60 minutes at $145 per session. Discounted packages are available and will be discussed after your treatment plan is determined.


Client experience:

Clients who have worked with me have sought healing for things like neck pain, chronic teeth pain/problems, general wellbeing, and recovery from a traumatic incident, among others.


Each person who responded to follow-up inquiry reported a decrease in the intensity of the impact of their issue on their life after 24 hours, typically moving down 3 points on a rating scale of 1-10.


They report such things as: “feeling more balanced and having stable energy,” “less stress, feels easier to let things happen,” “refreshed and rejuvenated,” “greater mental clarity,” “feel more myself, lighter, and more settled,” “less prone to depression and weepiness,” and “felt less heavy, as if a burden had been lifted.”





(Do not "add to cart.")



"I learned that I have options of different kinds of things I can do take care of myself besides go on vacation and get a massage. 
(Who can do that all the time, really?)"

"It felt comforting to know someone was using their intuitive abilities to help my son, because I often feel alone in dealing with the challenges. The session unfolded naturally, and we touched on things that were reassuring and helped confirm I was on the right path. And I have some new things on the radar that I’m really looking forward to trying. Thank you again!"

"A safe place where everyone understands the secrets of your challenging life! A support system that helps guide you to be stronger than you thought you could be."

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