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Energy is everywhere, in everything, even inanimate objects. The teeny protons and neutrons in atoms are constantly spinning, creating energy. Even the air we breathe, but cannot see, has energy. And it connects us all. We are all connected through energy.


We radiate a very low level of electricity that's otherwise known as an electromagnetic field. Think of it as the "vibe" you put out. This energy field is your aura and it surrounds your body. Your aura carries the energy of your body's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

When you work directly with others, or spend a lot of time with people, you could pick up some of their energy. This could leave you feeling drained and exhausted because you are carrying around energy that doesn’t belong to you.


When we do not fully care for and nurture ourselves as we were meant to, the flow of energy in our bodies becomes blocked and can build up. Traumas, big and small, from any point in your life also cause your energy to become blocked. Over time, this build up manifests itself into mental, emotional, and physical pains and ailments.

I am an Intuitive Energetic Healer. It is a gift I have had my whole life, bestowed on my soul by the Divine and it is meant to be shared for the highest good of all.

Re-imagine Girls' Night!

If you’re looking to add a special touch and deeper meaning to your next event, invite

SSS Sisterhood Circles to your next gathering. We nurture connection to Soul, Sisters, and Spirit.

I join forces with The Village Wiedzma to carefully craft an environment of introspection. We help cultivate connection between participants as well as fortify the bonds of each sister to her own soul and a higher spirit. Using meditation, integrative exercises and our own intuitive gifts, these natural healings turn any occasion into one of magic and connection!

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I Help People Who Feel Stuck with Emotional and Physical Pain by Uncovering the Root Causes and the Solutions

Sisterhood Circle



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I look forward to talking with you about energy work and how I can serve you.

What Clients are Saying...

Lara’s healing sessions can be described as nothing less than miraculous. I could feel the healing energy moving through my body in real time. I slept through the night the for the first time in a long time that evening. If you have any ailment big or small, I highly recommend going to see Lara. You will not be disappointed!

Lara is a gifted healer. She creates a loving, safe space, walks you through the process with reassurance and has beautiful insight from your body and guides to help you move forward. And I feel such a shift after every session. Very grateful to have her in my life!