You First - mini workshop

You First - mini workshop

As special needs parents, our lives are unique and extraordinary.  The guilt we carry is magnified tenfold compared to "regular" parents. We live with unspoken grief that needs to be identified, talked about and healed. No one ever explains what self-care really means for US and HOW to do it ongoing.  


This course is ideal for parents who just need some prompts and direction, and then are able to implement sustainable changes into their lives.


You will be able to watch this recorded video when you can, on your schedule. In this hour-long workshop, you will explore grief and guilt, and create a written plan with easy, manageable steps to putting YOU first!






"I learned that I have options of different kinds of things I can do take care of myself besides 'go on vacation and get a massage' (who can do that all the time, really?)"

"The ideas were realistic and doable. I feel like I can start tomorrow, because I left with a tangible plan."

"A safe place where everyone understands the secrets of your challenging life! A support system that helps guide you to be stronger than you thought you could be."